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Mobile Outreach Educatoin Program

During 2009, the mobile outreach team staff s have established 14 contact points in 4 districts of Phnom Penh. There staff have provided non-formal education sessions to 196 waste picker children. The curbside sessions included training on literacy and math, child rights, personal hygiene, food hygiene, health issues ( such as ring worm and dealing with small wounds) and identifying dangerous medical or electronic waste and safety when handling waste. First aid such as wound cleaning and bandages was provided to 196 child waste pickers, and 88 waste picker children and adults (56 boys, 30 girls and 2 women) were referred to clinic for treatment, and 10 counseling sessions were provided to 97 waste picker women and girls on the topics like family planning, reproductive health and problems of violence against women.

CSARO staff also organized two vitamin A and de-worming campaigns for 165 waste picker children (51 girls and 114 boys). School material such as books, pens and pencils were also provided to 52 waste picker children (44 boys and 8 girls) who returned to the formal education system. During this same period, CSARO staff organized an environment campaign at Samaky community with 299 participants (87 people from community and 212 students). The purpose of this campaign was to improve knowledge and understand of household sanitation, waste collection and waste

   Key Changes   

» First aid treatment taught children and adult waste pickers to treat their own and others’ injuries safely.
» 60% of the waste picker children seen are regular participants in mobile outreach education.
» 97 women and girl waste pickers actively participated in women’s counseling
» 52 waste picker children returned to school. 

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