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#Break Free From Plastic Program

Reducing Plastic Usage in Cambodia

 Plastic waste is human-created that has been intentionally or unintentionally discharged into the land and coastal or sea environment. Its effects have prompted local governments, private enterprises, environmental groups, communities and countless citizens to take action. Plastic is not only unsightly – it can harm ocean ecosystems, wildlife, and humans. The animals ingest the litter, which can result in starvation and death. Plastic waste (such as plastic bags), damage and large pieces of waste can pose a direct threat to humans. In addition, the economic impact of plastic waste is significant. This project were working together, CSARO and Departments of Environment (DoE) promoted Cambodia Sub-decrees on plastic management and awareness educated to public, communities people and developed many plastic materials campaigning for public such as banners, billboard/signboards, and sticker with message (reducing plastic usage) and (#break free from plastic). To consolidate and leverage these efforts, and to generate additional innovative solutions, the local provincial departments of environment signed the permission agreement for CSARO operating plastic solutions awareness campaign in Kampot and Kep cities. CSARO and local governments represented a public commitment by global communities to help tackle a global problem, plastic waste in the communities, coastal and sea environment Cambodia. Plastic is a complex environmental challenge that requires joint efforts at the local government, regional and global level. CSARO looks forward to continuing developing and executing programs that address reducing plastic usage awareness and education to general public communities in Cambodia and work with local governments, non-governmental organizations, researchers, funders and other stakeholders. It is critical that we have these partnerships and continue to bring additional stakeholders to tackle this very serious issue.

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