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CSARO has been conducting solid waste management and social and economic development programs since 1997 to benefit the people of Kingdom of Cambodia.
Community Sanitation and Recycling Organization (CSARO) is a Cambodian Non-Governmental organization (NGO) established in February 1997 by a group of development workers committed to improving the environment and living conditions of urban poor in Cambodia. CSARO has been a leader in the use of a participatory model to improve conditions in the neglected and unserviced areas where most urban poor live. A special focus of CSARO’s work is improving the living and working conditions of the thousands of adult and child waste pickers who eke out a living from Phnom Penh’s waste.
CSARO´s Donors
Village Som Rong, Sangkat Khmouh, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
H/P:(855) 12 957 255 / 12 217 747 Email: info@csaro.org
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